So it’s time to exercise and express my left brain.  Art fans:  I’ll still do a piece now and then.

Right now I have opinions.

My readers should be warned in advance that I watch CNN, so this blog is bound to be a little slanted in the eyes of FOX fans.  Indeed, I am a member of the “lame stream” media.  I am of the “liberal blogger” variety.

There.  Bias declared.

Be warned also that I am sarcastic.  It’s part of my charm.

So what or who started all of this?

Lisa Bloom.  She turned on a light.

In her appearance on CNN yesterday she discussed her new book Think:  Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World.  The focus of her discussion:  Our media seeks our souls — not in a war of the proverbial good and evil but factions of tabloid media and the stuff that keeps your brain alive.  (Lisa aptly titles a chapter “Reclaiming the Brains God Gave Ya.” )

I am reminded at this point of an evening I was watching television with my 20-year-old son — fiercely critical of all things media.  (I am so proud.)    We were surfing the cable channels for something worthwhile.  I landed on one of many mind-numbing programs.  My son’s comment made me spit my soft drink.

“I feel my IQ leaking out my ears.”

I believe some of the entertainment media out there does precisely that — sedate your mind, preparing it for psychosurgery.  (No doubt some of you at this point are reminded of these humorous but alarming advertisements for an online media service.)

Should we really laugh?  To the average media consumer this commercial suggests it’s OK to relax and just let our brains turn to mush.

I think most of us could have a civil discussion and agree in general terms what really rots your brains and what causes you to think.  But when we depart from entertainment media to the world of journalism (and I could put that word in scare quotes for a few vendors), can we remain civil with one another as we decide the best shop to shop?

These are a few of the topics I will touch as I move on with this blog.

Don’t be afraid to say hello in the comments section … let me know you’re reading.